Learn and Improve your exam performance with specially designed mock test by QLS.

Access Your Actual Learning

Taking mock tests helps you to know your strength and weaknesses. This will help you in improving your overall performance.

Based On New CBSE Pattern

The dedicated faculties of QLS Academy keep an eye on the ongoing changes in the syllabus & patterns of examination. After complete research, our faculties have made a series of test papers based on the latest pattern of CBSE.

Convert Knowledge into Marks​

Studying alone is not effective to make a good score. Until you practice what you have studied, there is always a chance that you may make some mistakes.

Manage Exam Stress

A Mock test can help you to manage time and stress in your actual examination. Practicing more and more will make you familiar with the actual examination scenario.

Know your result, Before your result.


What is Mock Test?

Mock test gives several practices before the actual exams hence build student's confidence level.

Examination temperament is built. Silly mistakes are eliminated and striking rate is increased.

Several practices convert their skill into marks. Provide rehearsal of actual exam thats help to score good.

The level of paper remains the same as of main, it helps students to know their preparation and mend if necessary.

Student becomes more versatile with type of questions being asked in the main exam.

Mock tests are model tests of the actual exams that follows the exam patterns & is bound by time.

Learn, Improve, and Outshine in your exams.


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