Mock Exams

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” - Alexander Graham Bell

The success of a student in any examination depends upon thorough preparation, and without such preparation it is sure to not get the satisfactory success.

What are mock exams?

Mock exams are all about proper preparation that prevents poor performance. In fact, mock exams are trial exams that students take before appearing for the final exam so that they can evaluate their level of preparation. Mock tests are typically opted by those students who are going to appear for important examinations and want to do well. Class 10 Board Exam, Class 12 Board Exam, CAT, AIPMT, and ITT-JEE are some important exams that have their own mock tests. Such trial tests can certainly help any student looking to do well in their final examination.

Why mock exams are good for students?

Many students have different viewpoints for mock tests. They feel mock tests are unnecessary and cruel burdens for them. They think they already have pressures for their final examinations so why more exams. Are they right? Absolutely not..! Mock exams are really important and can be helpful for those students who are hoping for the best in their actual exams.

Key benefits of mock exams:

  • Helps you sharpen the revision skills
  • Helps you develop the right strategy for the final exam
  • Helps you find areas where you need to improve
  • Helps you reduce pre-exam jitters and fears
  • Inculcates confidence and self-analytical capacity
  • Helps you practice exam techniques - the style & scope of question paper
  • Helps you improve speed and accuracy
  • Helps you understand time management, and finish the exam on time

What is unique about QLC Mock Tests?

Mock exams are really good for all students whether they are about to appear in 10th Board exam or IIT-JEE. All mock tests are good, in fact, But, QLS mock tests are different than others. Here are the key differentiators that make QLS’s mock unique.

  • Mock tests for school examination for standard 6th to 10th.
  • Mock tests for competitive exams like NSO, IMO & NTSE for classes 6th to 10th.
  • Multiple mock tests for performance analysis
  • Multiple choice questions test
  • Subjective mock test
  • Lesson-wise part mock test
  • Full mock test on completion of entire syllabus


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