At QLS Academy, we are committed to providing the exhaustive education solution and innovative teaching methodology so that students are prepared for bright futures. We focus on quality education through innovative technology-based approaches and aim to bring a revolution in the contemporary educational sector.

Why we need to develop app-based learning systems

Over the past few decades, the influence of technology on children and education has been immense. Education was once equated with money, but things have changed. Great education for your children is no more a dream. It's affordable. Even average families can afford a mobile phone/ tab in which applications can be downloaded.

QLS web-apps are designed to be downloaded in tab/ mobile having Android/IOS. It is made very simple to operate, understand its function for students, faculty as well as parents.

A student can use their laptop/desktop/tab and log in using our website www.qlsacademy.com

The advantage to students using TAB based coaching:

QLS TAB based learning is broadly an instant delivery and controlling tools it also contains study material developed by an expert, question bank, solutions, Video lectures (misuse of TAB is not possible). It is a teaching, Training & testing tool along with performance monitoring of students on a daily basis.

Learning through TAB is fun & natural. The Contents are student friendly & interesting. Students can enjoy it like a game rather than study.


  • Courses are well planned in advance by QLS team.
  • Trained & dedicated faculty delivers under the planned system through audio & video.
  • Entire the activities of faculty & students are closely monitored through the TAB.
  • Lesson practice test (LPT) is conducted to assess the students' grasping of the lesson.

We have also seen in our previous chapter that conventional teaching system has a limitation in delivery, monitoring & control. Remedies to problems are also instantly with utmost transparency.

Systematic Learning Activated

It is not merely a smart class but smart learning too, the concept is more advanced than the smart class. It is systematic learning. App-based control learning enables this easily. Apps help in systematic learning and arranged in such a way that, it promotes not only a craving for learning but creates an interest in learning. Flows are maintained to deepen the subject knowledge without even realizing its toughness.


(Misuse of TAB is not possible since it is locked through hardware & software)

  • Scheduled & well-structured study planning is possible.
  • Comprehensive study material in form of text and video of same topics available, Question with the detailed solution is available for revision on TAB.
  • After completion of the lesson, a daily practice sheet is sent to the student for extra practice on topics.
  • Performance & analysis is made available on daily basis.
  • Regular feedback is sent to the parents.
  • Studies are synchronized with school schedule, no mismatch of topics at school and coaching, no extra pressure. Hence performance at school exam also improves.

USP OF QLS system

Holistic Multiple Learning Approach (HMLA)

Daily class starts with meditation, affirmation followed by a lecture on the topic, Topics are reviewed through videos, further short question are asked online, to assess the child’s understanding of the lesson. In case the child’s understanding is less than 60%, the faculty will revise the lesson.

Close control of faculty’s activities & performance

Since it is Apps based system, faculty’s daily classes, attendance of faculty, course progress report etc. are instantly available. Hence performance is analyzed immediately. The remedial measure are taken quickly.

Teaching is synchronized with school systems

Since nowadays CBSE affiliated schools follow CCE pattern, Topics in school are predefined for Term-1 & term-2, System takes care of topics.  Hence no extra pressure on students.

Trained & motivated faculty

Faculties are appointed only after proper scrutiny, written test & interview. We do not select based on qualification only; qualification we give more importance to attitude & passion for teaching. After the faculties are appointed proper training is imparted for subject knowledge, class conduction procedure, communication skill improvement, behavioral science (motivation) & counselling technique etc.

Expert faculty for separate subject

Many times it is seen that one faculty teaches all subjects, it is very common in case of home tuition. In our case, there would be separate faculty of each subject. Faculties are expert in their subject.

Test papers & quizzes are prepared by expert & not by student’s own faculty

This is done to make sure that the faculty covers all topics and does not scape any part of topics.

No waste of time in traveling

In QLS system classes are held either at Home or at cluster center which is located within 500 meters from student’s home.

Potential analysis of students is done

Test paper is made in such a way that questions combine concepts from multiple topics. Student solving such questions regularly are assessed for their potential and are guided and prepared for the type of competitive exam he/she should participate into.

Mark sheet is a performance scorecard

After every test, we provide a performance scorecard. It not only contains score but also topic wise marks along with the error he/she made to lose the marks. Knowing the exact mistake a student can rectify such mistakes easily.

Percentile ranking nation & Board wise is published.

Since the numbers of students are appearing in the test from all over India is huge, assessment is done considering all students together.

One stop portal for all competitive exams details & dates

www.qlsacademy.com is linked with all important portal of education; hence you get all the details at QLS itself.

It is economical &, affordable

The cost of all these services is very cheap rather approx. 40 to 45% of conventional coaching.

Accessible for everyone from anywhere

To use these services one has to have one TAB, mobile (android or ios) with a net, or a laptop/desktop with internet connection & free downloaded QLS apps.


There are no constraints for mobile phones. They can be constant companions of parents and students. Thereby, apps are available to children anywhere, anytime. Learning will not be confined to the classrooms alone.


QLS is a real time, systematic and monitored online teaching system through which teachers can deliver world class study content and make use of assessment tools for students.

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QLS is an online real-time guide & controlled education provider using Holistic Multiple Learning Approach (HMLA). It is teaching traditionally through technology which is nothing but a conglomeration of conventional coaching with internet tools. Faculty & students' performance in Class is monitored every 15 minutes. Know More

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