With the rise of advanced technology, the higher education ecosystem in our country has been changing rapidly. There has come a major boom of educational enterprises which are using technology as a predominant tool to augment the education services (technically called ‘Ed-Tech Business’). A new set of India has the largest network of schools in the world. With 1.3 million schools in the country (according to the present census), we have thrice the number of schools than China and 10 times more than the USA. This makes India one of the largest education markets in the world. However, with time, emphasis should be laid more on quality learning than quantity.

The growth and development in each of these trends would make the education sector head towards a brighter future. One of the megatrends which seem like a booming factor in this field is of collaboration and partnership between Ed-Tech firms and business minded people. If you need the best websites to learn about trades, you can check a review here!

As children grow by learning. It is believed that a child’s brain grows maximum in a lower age. Thus, the brain is far more impressionable in early life than in maturity. If children acquire full knowledge based on what they see around them, isn’t it important that we provide them with the resources necessary to achieve their full potential? We also see a sharp rise in the number of international schools and pre-schools, with high service standards and world-class curriculums. Similarly, we see a rise in companies creating high-quality educational content to serve the needs and requirements of these institutions. We need to address this gap in the market by creating great quality, appropriate, country-specific content and product to aid their teaching requirements.

Ed-Tech business

So, here is the best and superb opportunity of self-employment for everyone, be it, youngsters, adults, housewives, old age people or any other to establish your own business. Your dream of becoming an entrepreneur is just a click ahead. The time has finally arrived for which you had always waited and kept the spark of your heart unmet, to lead a successful firm.

And when we are talking about education sector, the most successful, fair and developing one, why to let go the brilliant National opportunity of self-employment and owning a personal Ed-Tech Centre (QLS Cluster Centre). So, start imparting high quality and standardized education to students with QLS methodology and live life king size.

‘Various studies and verified reports have witnessed that the education sector has come out as investors’ favourite areas’.

Just invest a meagre amount, lesser than any other business outcome and instantly start taking home guaranteed huge profits. As we know education is very much necessary in today’s world for a having a comforting and successful future, and it is a profession that never gives you any chance of loss. Happily, throughout your life feel extremely proud and satisfied in sharing your hands for the moulding, reforming and transforming the lives of our future leaders, the society and directly the Nation.

Ed-Tech business

With such an aim and vision, “Quality Learning System”, an immensely determined, dedicated and mastered academy in the sphere of education has been instigated under the aegis of its Founder Director, Mr Virendra Kumar Pathak. The academy opens huge gates for all to be well-defined businessmen. This has been initiated by the director itself as having a profound and committed experience of more than two decades in the same education sector. He thus came up with his flawless dream to improve the present education process after passing through various phases of life. His aim is to cater serious education to students’ who are the future of the nation. The present motto of QLS is ‘Driving Education to Perfection’.

QLS is an independent firm, completely adhered to upgrade the education system in the form of practical knowledge with the best process, elevating the standard of learning. QLS supports innovative teaching and learning practices in pan India, and are well-known for their pioneering open education initiatives. The goal is to inculcate in students a love for learning and a desire to excel at every level. QLS steadfast goal is to make quality education affordable, accessible and interesting in India’s each and every district. The entire system has been integrated with a core mechanism that is operational only through online mode.

The system also serves in overall brain development of a child, develop skills and acquire worldly knowledge too. This also results more in adaptability and learning rather than just textbook knowledge.

The best thing about QLS education system is that it prepares the foundation of a child’s education very neatly by giving equal importance to the basics of all subjects in the early stages of teaching. As, education is an asset-light industry so a little bit of investment will go a long way, while the return on investment will be far greater than other technology initiatives.

Ed-Tech business

QLS academy is the best place that investors have been waiting for so long. Referring to the popular saying that we had mentioned earlier, QLS academy empowers everyone (working housewife, youngsters, mature people, etc) who desires to set-up their own business, be self-employed and establish a unique brand identity of their own.

Moreover, parents are even willingly investing in the education of their children to enjoy the profit in later life luxuriously. If this is to be put simply, it means that people have realised that ‘Education is the best investment.’

As higher education continues to evolve in the digital age, new avenues for online courses are being pioneered. This has created a fertile ground for investors and startups to champion new ideas for the future of learning. The growth of the E-Learning market in India is positively predicted to deliver a boom in the market, which reveals its great revenue opportunities.

This QLS digital business is strictly designed to improve the in-class experience, learners’ performance and help teachers track their progress through instant checks and sharing the results with parents. Increased student engagement is achieved by this methodology, which therefore has attracted numerous investors to double, triple and multiply countless times their money.

Ed-Tech business

In short, this open business platform brought up by QLS is drastically changing the landscape of education. It changes the way we teach, learn and evaluate progress. While there are many great EdTech products on the market, there are still problems that haven’t been addressed. The importance of knowledge and learning has been recognized since the beginning of time and thorough work is being done by QLS to impart and instil standard education.

Might we add, the world can very well witness a new and live breed of educators who are entrepreneurs in their own, right? We may as well call them ‘Edupreneurs’. We also envision a new dawn being heralded by this innovative education technology solution, which holds huge and true potential to spread education. Quality education will no longer be restricted to the confines of just a few institutions or organizations. Everyone will have access to quality education, irrespective of where they are present. Online academies will make this vision a reality and yes with QLS you will.

Finally, the education system in India has seen many ups and downs, but at the same time, it has produced some brilliant gems, which are raising the flags of India across the globe.