Mock Tests are a good help when it comes to exam preparation. The mock test means knowing your exams before your exams in a way that helps you score well during your main exams. Mock tests boost your confidence level and help you score good marks in the main examination. These mock tests help you overcome mistakes and understand the exam pattern.


1. Designed according to the latest CBSE exam pattern.

Both quality of education and course completion is affected because of the covid-19. However, schools were conducting online classes through zoom, google meet, etc. It is still not sufficient for students to know about the latest exam pattern. With dedicated subject experts, Digiana QLS has come up with Free Online Mock Test, according to the latest CBSE exam pattern to help students score well in examinations.

2. Help you Minimize errors during exams

Because of this pandemic, students are not ready for the current examinations. Schools did a great job completing the course through live online classes, but it’s still insufficient to compensate for the academic loss.

Digiana QLS Free online mock test helps every student minimize errors and silly mistakes during the examination.

3. Help you Manage time and Exam stress

Many Students face the pressure of examination and often tend to get stressed. They don’t know how to manage time and stress during exams, which results in poor performance in exams.

Digiana QLS Free online Mock test gives students perfect mock preparation and helps them learn to manage time and stress during exams that help them score well.

4. Error Analysis

QLS mock test gives a perfect error analysis when a student takes our mock test. This analysis helps them know what mistakes they are repeating and how they can improve them to score good marks in examinations. Our AI-based system analyzes and gives a detailed report about how to improve the results.

5. Topic-wise Report card

One of the factors that make Digiana QLS free mock test different is topic-wise analysis. The topic-wise breakdown makes it easier to focus on the right area of improvement and the right amount of preparation required.

For maximum learning, these mock tests target growth areas for holistic concept development.

Digiana QLS Free online mock tests are available for students of class 5th to class 10th and are free of cost. Students can either register on the website or mobile application to enroll themselves for the Mock tests.