“Education is indeed extremely important for all”.

No one can ever deny the authenticity of this statement. Although there is a massive rise in education sector in the recent time, but quality education in various regions is very limited.

Every year with an impressive pace, new schools and colleges are being opened in almost all cities in India, but the quality education is still a long awaited dream for millions of Indian students.

As per the current operational education system trend, students are losing their interest in studies. This old process of teaching is now out of order which certainly needs to be revamped. In schools and colleges, most of the attention is rendered to theory and books, where practical knowledge remains completely ignored. When these students pass the exam, they forget all the things they have studied due of lack of practical experience & knowledge.

Parents and teachers expect their children to score high marks in the exam (rather than acquiring the quality knowledge) and thus the education becomes a rat race. Practical knowledge and skill based education is still far away from the reach of students studying in schools, colleges and universities.

Moreover, the successful rise of technology has obviously no doubt made everyone’s life comforting. But, on the other hand if we use this technology adverse of what it is meant for, it would definitely be a cause of disruption. For example, the wrong use of mobile gadgets and the addiction of students towards it is clearly hampering their studies. Students lack concentration and build disinterest even in their daily activities. As everything has its own limit, so does the use of mobile gadgets have.

Topping the Indian Institute of Technology-joint entrance exam (Advanced) was not a cakewalk for Sarvesh Mehtani of Panchkula. The 18-year-old gave up his smartphone and stayed off social media for two years.

“I have no control over myself when it comes to social media. So, when I started preparing for this exam (JEE) two years ago, I gave up my smartphone. But if you have control, you can keep the phone and study,” says Mehtani, a student of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Panchkula, who scored 95.4% in the Class XII boards. He also cut down on interactions with friends. “I did not meet them, but talked over the phone. You have to socially cut off and focus on preparations,” adds Mehtani. (Inputs Toi)

Another topper of JEE mains Shubham Mehta shared his same views on 360careers of avoiding mobile phone and play for two years continuously.

The distractions arrive because you let them come to you. There is no need to involve in some of the activities (mostly during self study).

  • Mobile phones : When you are studying, don’t use your phone. Keep your phone out of sight i.e. out of mind.
  • Music : Students who study in a quiet environment can recall things more than those who study while listening to music.
  • No Social Media/TV during studies. In JEE preparation the only addiction you need is your subjects – PCM

Problems solving skills are one of the most important things that are required when students complete their studies and look for jobs to earn and further build up their careers.  This can be learned by participating in problem solving projects with the use of creative and critical thinking.  In India, despite the fact that we have the highest number of engineering graduates, still we lack a majority number of technological innovation.

Students must have capability to easily solve the problems and difficulties that the country is facing today. Most of the students don’t have their own approach towards any problem and they do so only on the instruction of their parents, teachers, neighbors and friends. Schools and colleges must pay attention to case studies, research based assignment and problem solving project and practical learning, so that students can get the fresh ideas about their surroundings and can easily solve the problem they face.

Schools and colleges in India demand student’s performance in terms of marks and they are not well exposed to the external world.  After students complete their graduation and enter into the job market, they face problems to get a job as per their capability simply because they don’t meet the criteria and skills required for the job. Most companies want to hire those individuals that are aware of the course of the action. It is highly essential to start personality development program an many other needful methodologies is schools and colleges to improve the education standards.

There is an urgent need to change the present system in the country. We need to ensure quality in education as well as quantity. Students are getting the knowledge from outdated syllabus a lot. Lots of technological and scientific improvements are taking place in India and therefore the syllabus and teaching process must be updated as per the industrial and technological development.

To make things worse, our teachers themselves are not sufficiently trained to teach students. They do not have proper training that how they are going to impart values in students that are going to change the future of the country. If they can teach properly then the government schools does not have enough salary to pay. Hence, to improve our education system teachers should be better trained and more importantly better paid compared to private institutions.

Moreover, we are not able to decide on the medium of language of our education system. Still emphasize is given on English where a major section of children cannot understand the language. So how does they are going to understand what teachers are teaching. Moreover, subjects like mathematics, physics and arts have nothing to do with the medium of communication. Hence, over-emphasis on English could be wrong.

Now, in campuses it has become a common thing that every young student is interested in a getting a job that pays them well. However, they would never like to become an entrepreneur. This lack of ambition does not allow our country to excel in any field. This attitude of our children making them slaves of few multinational companies. Therefore our education system should be designed to make our children a successful entrepreneur rather going for a salaried job.

The last but not the least failure of our education system is after so many years it has not being able to reduce social disparity in our country. In fact, social disparity has gone up. It is such a shame that education itself has become a tool for creating divisions. A child of a rich parent would get good education and a child of poor parent cannot afford even a basic education. Government should intervene and make education its prime responsibility.

Despite strong ambitions, the higher education system in India still lags behind the standards of the world’s best universities. Lagging in proper planning in the education system is the most dreadful reason why our students are unable to perform well. Hence, the school responsibles’ should make a thorough strategy cum plan in order to overcome the trouble of lagging education standard.

Maintaining standard of education in more than a million schools nationwide, offering training programs to teachers, and keeping good balance with education system worldwide is a big challenge. Schools vary in size and resources and are forced compromise in the all round development opportunities they must provide to students.

Each and everything should be systematic, as we can take the example of toppers of various competitive exams. They all have always adhered on communicating their winning formula as to proper planning, set goals and serious studies with accurate teaching process. There had been several interviews conducted where the toppers have revealed their recipe to crack such prestigious exams only through proper learning, planning and with proper knowledge.

Similarly, on the same trend and manner as these toppers have witnessed success, QLS Academy is in the rich market of education to focus on learning, enhance knowledge and provide the best teaching process via online.

In QLS system, strong focus is given on every chapter of a subject and never halt striving hard, until that particular topic has evenly fed into the students mind. For this, we’ve come up with various ways to make students learn and enhance their knowledge, and not by the means of rigorously memorizing the topic. Students will be taught with every minute detail with regular tests, so that we can easily evaluate the ongoing progress of the child.

So, in this world of advanced education, to have a mentor that only stresses out to make you knowledgeable is like having a piece of cake. And with this methodology, ‘Quality Learning System’, has brought up a program for students welfare. The present objective of QLS is to drive education towards perfection and bring about a positive transformation in the education system.

Our entire system has been integrated with core mechanism that is operational only through online mode. We also fully assure that after a student join hands with us, we’ll only leave it when he’s transformed into a real citizen with excellent principles, morals and values that never goes unnoticed. We are not only into building career, we are more into building the best career by guiding them to make the right educational choices as per their potential. So, that they can explore widely and develop the skills to succeed in their career and life.

The system deeply monitors the progress o the child and updates the parents timely. It has reduced the workload of mentor, teachers and parents by a wide range.

As parents can’t be all time with their children. So, the QLS system is the best solution to such a want. It acts like a robot with you, where you will always stand optimistic and generous towards your academic path.

JEE Advanced Topper (AIR1), Aman Bansal too shared his views similar to QLS academy’s approach of right guidance from right learning with career 360.

Careers360: Do you think coaching is necessary to crack JEE Advanced exam?

Aman Bansal: For me, it was very necessary as without the right guidance aspirants are mostly clueless about the right preparation strategy. They may not get through the right study materials and mock tests. Even if one opts to solve the test papers himself, getting them checked by mentors and following their feedback is very important.

Finally, we would say education is very important but we spend only few percent of our GDP on education, so our government should make education its first priority and try to address issues those are mentioned in this blog. Or if possible, implement the suggestion being brought up by QLS in a bid to bring reformation, standardization and bright platform for the students to shine with flying colors that would sincerely add feathers to the nations cap. If government is able to take note of these issues, then we can definitely overhaul our education system.