“ If Mother Is Your Teacher, Learning & Caring Go Hand In Hand ”

Motherhood is considered to be one of the finest phenomenon on the planet. It is the mother who is our first teacher as the learning starts in her womb, we draw the genes and habits from her. Whatever activities have been done by her has a direct impact on the unborn baby. So, technically, before even coming into the world, the person who acts as a teacher and mentor is the mother.

The mother shapes the personality of a child just like a teacher. Home is your first school where mother inculcates all the moral and ethical values in you. She teaches you how to walk, how to get acquainted with alphabets and words and pronounce them properly, she makes you learn about the “real world entities” way before you join a school or a tuition.

mother son learning

In the process of you transforming from a toddler to an adult, the mother has a significant role to play. The role of the mother is not only limited to your education but also to act as a firm foundation for you, whenever you fail at something, she makes sure that you bounce back much stronger. Since your birth, you have been provided a protective and authoritative environment where you are taught to comply by the instructions given by the elders, as a result of which you grow up as a disciplined and a well-mannered individual.

As a teacher she is continuously analyzing your academic performance because she wants her child to be perfect and doesn’t want him or her to fall into any of the outside world trap, that’s why she trains and warns you every now and then. Persistence is the key that you will find a common phenomenon in every mother, you will never observe “a mother as a teacher” to be lenient, she would carry out all the social and educational activities very meticulously and sternly.

You will come across many teachers throughout your student life, but your mother will always be there for you and her knowledge will enlighten you to different walks of life. There will be ample qualities that you will imbibe from her which our formal education system will fail to deliver you, like, courage, honesty, strong willpower, loyalty, integrity and several such traits.

Her words of wisdom will continue to inspire you and propel in your life, as the time will roll, you will realise that the strictness that she poured on you have helped you to steer in the right direction.