Education is not merely the development of mind. It focuses at training and developing various skills of life that incorporates biological, psychological, spiritual and social development. Thus, the imparted education should be perfect and obviously with utmost quality that leaves an influence for ever.

Identically, carrying a sturdy and sheer optimism, “Quality Learning System”, an immensely determined, dedicated and mastered academy in the sphere of education has been instigated under the aegis of its Founder Director, Mr. Virendra Kumar Pathak. Having a profound and committed experience of more than two decades in the same education sector, he came up with his impeccable dream to revamp the present education process after passing through various phases of life. His aim is to render serious education mechanism to students who are the future of the nation. The present motto of QLS is ‘Driving Education to Perfection’. Perfection is the key-word triggering excellence in learning and directly leading to mighty success of QLS.

To achieve this, the sense of responsibility, value of discipline, practice of continuous learning and a room for regular development is vital. QLS is an independent firm, completely adhered to improve education system in the form of practical knowledge with the best process, elevating the standard of learning. We support innovative teaching and learning practices in pan India, and are well-known for our pioneering open education initiatives. The goal is to inculcate in students a love for learning and a desire to excel at every level. In the portals of QLS, students discover their own talents, and get an opportunity to develop to the fullest. Our academy provides an invigorating and positive atmosphere, created by excellent facilities and guidance provided by highly qualified and dedicated faculties.

Dedicated to giving the very best of themselves and capable of rising to the diverse challenges in our ever-changing world to grow, thrive, and prosper. We want to make quality education affordable, accessible and interesting in India’s each and every district.

In our system, we focus on each and every chapter of a subject and never halt striving hard, until that particular topic has evenly fed into the students mind. For this, we’ve come up with diverse ways to make students learn and enhance their knowledge, and not by the means of rigorously memorizing the topic. Students will be taught with every minute detail with regular tests, so that we can easily evaluate the ongoing progress of the child.

Our entire system has been integrated with core mechanism that is operational only through online mode. We also fully assure that after a student join hands with us, we’ll only leave it when he’s transformed into a real citizen with excellent principles, morals and values that never goes unnoticed. We are not only into building career, we are more into building the best career by guiding them to make the right educational choices as per their potential. So, that they can explore widely and develop the skills to succeed in their career and life.

Our thorough aim is to teach students with the world’s best, innovative and exclusive technology process that will surely help in enhancing their skills and improve knowledge for a better learning. In a class having a strength of 50 students, its very tough for a teacher to individually focus on each one of them. And it’s also a matter of concern for a student to clear their doubts in front of a whole class, where a certain student may feel shy. Here’s get build an intense barrier between a student and teacher. Its always had remained a fact that the front row students grasp more compared to the middle and then the backbenchers. Reason behind the lack of interest of students can be for various reasons as in improper way of teaching, student’s unclear basics, lack of proper guidance, teacher leniency and many more.

But here with QLS, the concept, procedure and technique to educate students is totally unique, which no school, coaching classes or any education based firm has ever came up with. QLS only focuses to infuse, provide and lift knowledge in every single student with the means of right standardized teaching. The intention and focus is to make students learn the topics wisely, add more quality to their knowledge, and thoroughly remember it all their life. As in QLS classes, repeated tests after a session are conducted, it certainly elevates their grasping power and ultimately dominates the student to remain attentive throughout the session. Hence, a bright student, average student and weak student all are duly taught on the same level.

Teaching is only done through projectors, slides of topics that are strictly adhered to NCERT pattern. Tests are conducted on tablets that are been provided to students permanently. Only a student need to login to their account on the website with his user id-password and the dashboard would appear before him, from where he can operate. Study materials and additional doubt clearing classes from best faculties is a section included in the system. Moreover, when a student is enrolled from a long time, ultimately his years of data speak volumes about his level of learning and potential, which QLS preserves with it as ‘Academic Kundli’. This would also help in assisting him to choose the best career option. For all of this, we’ve accumulated various deep values and morals.

Our Rich Values

Passion – we believe education changes lives.

Integrity – the transparency of our approach ensures we are trusted.

Innovation – our innovative solutions helped us to become market leaders.

Empowerment – we empower candidates and institutions to reach their potential.

Diversity – our sensitivity to cultural diversity stands us apart.

Collaboration – we collaborate with all our stakeholders to deliver success.

Our main objective is also in engaging students in education as an ‘experience’ rather than ‘compulsion’. When the gap between the teacher and the student is reduced to zero, it modifies into a strong ‘teacher-student’ bond, exciting the pupils who turn into eager participants in the teaching-learning process. Our faculty’s impulse is to inspire students to indulge in education, making the imparting and acquisition of knowledge, much easier and smooth.

Let us think – what differentiates our educational firm from another? What is so special about our academy? Answer:- It is the right approach towards education. World over there are million of institutions, each trying to compete to be better than the other. We do not wish to be one of them. Our motto is direct: “Create Global Citizens” with “Holistic Learning Multiple Approach”. This motto guide us in aiding students evolve cosmopolitan attitude without forgetting our rich culture. These values, which are entrenched, truly help to promote direction, confidence, and fundamental thinking skills, leading to the development of well-adjusted, adaptable and integrated personalities. In simple words, we offer comprehensive and holistic education. QLS is dedicated to a brighter future for the higher education world, helping students everywhere achieve their potential.