The abundant technology usage is certainly affecting our children!

It feels auspiciously great for us to witness and experience the exponential growth technology has clinched. We are in a generation who has seen the awakening of the digital era. We have seen all the wonders of technology and are increasingly dependent on it. However, are our gadgets steering us away from our children? Is technology killing the social side of our children and making them addicted to it in a negative manner? The answer is yes to an extent, if we’re are not using it wisely and only misusing it.

It’s a common sight of most families when sit at the meal table together after a long day of lacking a voice communication but having a deep chat to long distances through a speechless mobile. It’s the ‘tap-tap’ on the phones or a swipe being accompanied by every bite that goes into the mouth. Sounds familiar? You might just be living in a classic modern family. But, is this what we envision as the epitome of ‘family time’? The answer is, quite simply, a big NO.

Our dependency on gadgets keep us constantly engaged on the Best Gaming Laptops for entertainment and our preoccupation with our virtual lives is taking us further away from our human interactions. Applied to the context of parenting, what we see today is a disconnection between a parent and a child – quality time that is being sacrificed at the price of technology. A beauty standard is set by the society and it is clear on the internet as to what people find attractive and many people have been opting to enhance their looks with korean plastic surgery before and after the arrival of internet

Yes, there is no arguing the extent to which technology has simplified our lives. We have tools today that our parents did not. Today’s scenario is like this–

  • Are unable to figure out how to deal with something? Just look it up on the Internet for professional tips.
  • Need to rush your child to a doctor? Simply book an appointment online.
  • Looking for a good school for your little one? You have hundreds of reviews and ratings just a tap and a swipe away!

However, the same world of technology has hooked us in an alarming way, mostly our children. The constant and excess use of these gadgets such as Smartphone, Laptop, I-pads, and the list is endless is indeed ruining the health and life of all academic students. With their maximum portion of the valuable time is wasted watching useless movies, content or other irrelevant stuffs. Gradually, the addiction intensifies and takes a front of a person where he/she becomes stubborn.

Obviously, the more indulgence in gadgets, the more studies gets hampered terribly. Students loose their concentration, knowledge and focus on learning. Thus, a limited use of these gadgets should be implemented to students, so they excel in their academics as well as other daily activities.

Today, the involvement in Smartphone has attained such a posture where children-youngsters, even while walking or driving get their O2 with their phones when nearby.

The time a child watches an irrelevant video could have been used to enhance learning, by solving important questions, or just used to have a discussion about current or upcoming events. The most important utilization that no other option can replace ever is to dedicate you free time with family, this indeed is an activity that promotes family bonding and relationships and automatically serves you with inner peace, joy and satisfaction.

Screen time takes away from student the learning and physically exploring power of the world through play and interactions. It can be noted that doctors and educators are worried on the overexposure to touch-screen technology that directly impacts developing brains by emitting harmful radiations. Technology and screen time had rewired their brains. It appears that increased time on screen abandon the circuits in the brain that control vital methods for learning. These are typically used for understanding, paying interest, concentration and many more.

It should come as no surprise that advanced gadgets have now replaced basketballs and baby dolls on a child’s wish list. Primary school students start asking, or let’s say begging, for these forms of technology before they even know how to tie their shoes.

A lot of research has been conducted over the years to understand how children learn. There are many theories circulating, and with such unique and exceptionally productive system that enhance learning, knowledge and concepts of students from their base, QLS Academy has been brought into limelight to upgrade the standard of education with right guidance.

The methodology QLS has brought about to educate students is also aligned with technology and invented with the best health conscious elements. Students here will only learn and gain knowledge from their tablets (medium of teaching) by QLS system and no other application has the liberty to get installed. That means only studies and no waste of time.!

Our premier mode of teaching enables students to grasp conceptual clarity of core subjects and enhance their problem solving abilities across all learning areas. With strong fundamentals, the students are better equipped to perform exceptionally well in boards. We also strongly focus on guiding students on the right path by fulfilling the gap of knowledge with our learning techniques.

And on the talk about gadgets: So, here are a few recommendations by QLS to make the time spent on them becomes productive:

  • Play alongside your children and interact with them face-to-face.
  • Make sure gadgets don’t interfere with opportunities for play and socializing.
  • Limit screen use to one or two hours a day. This includes gadgets, TV, computers, etc.
  • It is all right to use a smartphone or any other device as an occasional treat.
  • Always encourage family meals and communication by keeping gadgets aside.
  • Look for knowledgeable quality apps that help in building vocabulary, mathematical, literacy, and science concepts.
  • Keep gadgets out of the bedrooms.

It’s a fact until a decade or so ago, the invasion of the television into our drawing rooms was considered to be an interruption into family bonding time. However, over the years, we’ve realised that in the right doses, and, given the right content, television programmes can be good sources of information, education and entertainment. The same holds good for today’s technological devices, be it the laptop or the smartphone. There’s always the right approach and a wrong approach to deal with anything. Where technology is concerned, as parents, it is our responsibility to choose the right approach.

Remember your children won’t be children forever. Enjoy every minute of their growing years and preserve as a memory. Never replace your time by giving them gadgets. As it will cover the time you’ve not given to your children. Show them that you love them every single day.

Lastly a short but much influential say to everyone! Your phone won’t miss you, but your relations will, which you’ll later see it evident.