Online Learning: The most effective, stress-free and promising way to educate students

Online education is indeed regarded as the future of learning that offers students, a stress-free alternative to traditional schools and colleges. According to various studies, online learning is indeed effective. It also reduces the strain and pressure that students face in a physical learning environment.

Studies are a part of life, but with the modern era, studies have become life. In the daily stressful run of life, it’s a bit natural to lose interest in studies, but we’ve to remain on the track either hook or by a cook. It’s very easy to lose focus, but really tough to get it back. “What matters is the only success”. You are not here to be average; you are here to be awesome.

Numerous parents when exam approaches dominate their child to study by either ways; memorization or study selective topics to attain good marks only. They are least concerned of the most important means of making their child learn and become knowledgeable. The passion for learning comes from developing a love for knowledge in their hearts. Kids will naturally tend to do things that amuse them the most; so don’t complain if you find your child constantly avoiding his Mathematics homework! The key towards making them really inclined towards studies is to make them realize how interesting it is to practice Mathematics, or to understand the concepts of Science through e-learning.

The process of learning and acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, and beliefs, no matter how easy and uncomplicated it looks, is still undoubtedly the toughest task; both for the teacher and the student. Yet, it is the most important pillar in laying the foundation of a better human. With ages there have been major advancements in technology that has changed the mode of education vastly. From the earlier times, when education was imparted in gurukuls simply by the speaking-listening process and implementing in the daily life, to now when there are many sources, where Internet has been the major advent of the technology. It undoubtedly has changed the way people live. The Internet is like a giant ocean- the depth of which is unfathomable, such vast is the scope of the Internet. The Internet is the quintessential in education now, for it has reformed the age-old way through online learning, personalized learning that goes instant and self-driven on the go.

Albert Einstein once said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” While Einstein’s words may have been intended in good humour, they suitably reflect the fact that effective education is, indeed, constant and always evolving. In fact, the aspect of education has endured a huge change over the decades. The journey of education in India has also been dotted with innumerable milestones—most recently, e-learning.

And with such perspective, aim and positive approach, QLS Academy has been instigated in order to educate students with the most productive and trending methodology that is online. QLS goal is to make students learn their topics wisely that helps them to become knowledgeable, rather than ‘memorization parrot’.

With QLS digital learning program, students are taught on tablets that possess the topic to be learned. After every 15 minutes of teaching, there are regular prompt tests in order to evaluate the learning power of the student. This is a very unique and exclusive process by which students get to know about their capacity of learning. Similarly, video of same day’s topic with full voice description is played before students, so that they don’t miss out from anything they didn’t grasped. Furthermore, home work assessment and frequent notification to parents is delivered to keep them updated about their child’s performance.

This impressive process of teaching is special in its own style and as work parallel with digital technology, it surely helps students perform far better than now, with best grades and output.

Below we are presenting some points on how digital education benefit students?

Interactive: With digital education, classroom teachings have become more fun and interactive. Children tend to be more attentive. They are not only listening but also viewing it on the screen which makes their learning all the more effective. Here, sounds and visuals go hand-in-hand which is easy for the child to grasp.

Attention to details: Interactive online presentations or practical sessions in educational content through interactive screen time help the students to pay more attention to details which enable them to complete their activities on their own.

Quick completion: Using tabs, laptops or notepads, instead of pens and pencils, motivates children to complete their tasks quickly.

Vocabulary: Active online screen time helps students develop language skills. By reading or accessing study materials online, students learn new words that expand their vocabulary.

Learn constantly: Many a times, there is a hesitation in student to ask a question to a teacher while in ongoing class. But with online education, even if he doesn’t understand anything at one go, he can play the recorded sessions or videos to clear his doubts.

User-friendly: The most comforting and best thing about online teaching system is that it is completely user-friendly. Students can very well access their curriculum wherever they are and learn on the go. Even if a certain class gets missed, the student can access the class notes and content files.

External guidance: Students can easily contact with a concerned faculty and seek their guidance or resolve their queries, if needed.

Many students find it easier to study online than in a cramped classroom, especially for difficult subjects such as mathematics or physics. For some, being able to study where they can concentrate best – in a limited number of students class with peace– is the boost they need.

Everyone learns differently, and with this online learning system bought by QLS, each student is provided with the best of time and attention they need. Hence, this unique freedom and convenience, makes our online teaching less stressful than traditional education, especially for slow learners!



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Milestone for Chennai Super Kings, ‘Caption Cool Dhoni’ leads team for 8th time in Finals

Long Helicopter shots, incredible lightning-fast stumpings, magnificent game-changing decisions, impressive successful finishes, intelligent winning strategies, and the list further goes on. From a small-town boy who was employed as a ticket collector to boarding a life’s U-turn as a successful Indian Cricket Team Captain Cool, MS Dhoni has had an amazing journey. The legend of MS Dhoni keeps growing with every match. We have seen the brilliant movie, Dhoni’s untold story, on screen and almost lived the dream with him by cheering him on from the stands. However, there is more to the man than coveted trophies, crazy adjectives, and immense fan-following.

A lot has been said and written about Caption Dhoni’s calmness on the field. That level of composure can come handy in every walk of life. Be it an office setting or learning lessons for life academically, to always remain composed has its set of advantages.

And the amazing news that’s trending all over the IPL history and a boon for Chennai Super King fans is that MS Dhoni on Tuesday became the first player in the history of the Indian Premier League to reach the final of the T20 tournament for a record eighth time.

Dhoni moved a step closer to lifting the trophy for the third time after Chennai Super Kings beat Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Qualifier 1 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Chennai Super Kings, who were back at the tournament after a two-year ban, made it to the final for the 7th time.

MS Dhoni is indeed a great inspiration for all of us who have considered pursuing work we feel passionately about. His illustrious career proves that when you #LoveWhatYouDo, you’ll bring out the best in you. But to become a world champion as well a successful person, what takes more than passion is a versatile plan.

Dhoni has been a leader par excellence for years and must get credit for leading his team from the front this IPL season as well as he has developed a reputation for being one of the magnificent leaders that the game of cricket has ever witnessed. Dhoni holds several records including most wins by an Indian captain in Tests and One Day Internationals, and most back-to-back wins by an Indian captain in One Day Internationals. After his retirement from test cricket in 2014, he still exerts great influence over Indian and international cricket.

So, if we all want to be consistently successful in life and our each and every phase of life, whether Lifestyle, Business or the most important seed that we sow from the start of life is that of Quality Education. If we acquire a brilliant quality education, it is like a cash that can be borrowed but can’t be robbed. Just follow Captain Cool’s similar strategy and tactics on how life can be made more, Productive, Fundamental, Successful, Moral, and obviously Ideal.

This verily is a very important, influential and a superb example for small kids, youngsters and many more on how to learn and pick the right way or formula in order to shape up life academically.

We know to be successful; one needs to be an element of having only:

One set destination,

Proper Discipline,

Firm Determination,

Right Direction,

A well qualitative mentor/guide

and having a space of being Transformed,

and without any second thought the blend of all these will ultimately put you towards obtaining right education will automatically be productive to deliver correct principles and to lead a virtuous life.

And to everyone’s benefit who are in a hunt of this type of quality education more much time, just relax. As with incredible ideas, phenomenal skills and easy approach for everyone, ‘Quality Learning System’, is now in this education sector to answer all your academic problems, standardize your education and bring about a new era of learning in this competitive world.

As education is the basic requirement for every nation; no nation can survive without it. Thus, education is the most powerful tool to bring about any desired change in our lives.



We, at QLS are completely focused on providing such flawless education to our society and with practical knowledge.

Initially, we are into NTSE exams and IMO/ISO Olympiads that are evenly held every year. The purpose of these exams is to provide scholarships to pupils’ up to international level. As, these exams offer a handsome value of scholarship to students, it indeed make this exam a very prestigious one.

What the job of QLS is totally modern, creative and flourishing to foster students that will foster our society and directly the equation will go to prosper our nation.

We conduct PAT (Potential Analysis Test) in three different segments to evaluate, assess and test his potential of appearing in the exam. By this even way, pupils can analyse their capability on how much their present studying is staged on.

With QLS modern techniques, easy learning facility, and knowledge based system, it’s a surety that students will thrive in their respective exams. The teachers are also duly taught of the prescribed syllabus before the session and their skills are sharpened.

The confidence level of students is boosted to a very extreme level that aids them in their respective school exams also as the lessons are all classrooms based. Education and its importance education plays a pivotal role in the life of every individual. QLS vision has always been a building-block of one’s personality and education is not about scoring well in exams. It’s all about learning new things and increasing our knowledge.

As Dhoni won fame and money at an early stage in his career but he was, and still is, humble and modest. He also maintained a steady path and was not rude, flash or overbearing. So, as managers who gain success too early on often lose their balance and cannot maintain the poise required for longevity.

Talking about students who worry a lot. Worrying is unnecessary and a fruitless activity. Doing your studies to your capabilities and not worrying about the result, frees you from the shackles of anxiety. Life often puts people in situations in which they have to play a particular role. Not think of the future but do justice to the present and play the role with conviction and towards perfection.

The methodology to be used in teaching Indian kids should be innovative. The biggest challenge which the teacher faces is to capture the attention of kids in the class. The main motive of the education system today is to leave a long-lasting impact of the lesson on the minds of the kids. They should be able to recollect what is taught in the class after they go home.

Every child is different and adheres to a different teaching technique. Once you teach them with their preferred learning style, they will never fail to surprise you. Some of the innovative methods used by QLS to teach students and make the classes more interesting are: – clearing basics of syllabus, important questions of previous years, focus on all every topic a many more.

Self belief comes when we witness positive results in what we do. Results don’t come just with experience. They come when you do things differently. They come when you keep a flexible mind and adapt to dynamic situations.

Through disciplined work, you will witness gradual self improvement. Over time, the improvement becomes massive! You become happier. Colleagues, family, friends and others rely on you. They trust your decisions, which often end up being right. Then, regardless of your field, people will considerably treat you as a counselor a mentor.

All businesses tend to suffer some degree of failure at one point or another, but it requires strength and character to stand up and be counted from that position. It’s one of the most important aspects of leadership.

So, by calmness that originates from the fact on responding to situations positively and doesn’t react as Dhoni too adopts the method. A reaction is instant, a response is calculated. Keeping calm in trying circumstances helps in thinking and responding rather than reacting to it mindlessly.

So put on your thinking hat with QLS Academy, analyze yourself and the world. The growth and development of any country depend on the quality of education its citizens receive from their childhood. Every student is special in his/her own way. We must identify their potential and guide them in the right direction. After all, today’s generation will be the future of tomorrow.

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Rejoice for NTSE aspirants! Here’s the right and ideal preparation guide to crack this exam!

Well, in this globalized world being glared as gentlemen, of high ethic and a moral for others is indeed an impulse for everyone, that’s sparks in a certain corner of our heart. But, in order to be deemed such, we all know we need to acquire certain principles and a lifestyle that in straight guide us to the path of virtue. And for that being Educated is a MUST in all aspects.

Everyone knows, education is simply imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at schools or similar institutions. (more…)

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