Milestone for Chennai Super Kings, ‘Caption Cool Dhoni’ leads team for 8th time in Finals

Long Helicopter shots, incredible lightning-fast stumpings, magnificent game-changing decisions, impressive successful finishes, intelligent winning strategies, and the list further goes on. From a small-town boy who was employed as a ticket collector to boarding a life’s U-turn as a successful Indian Cricket Team Captain Cool, MS Dhoni has had an amazing journey. The legend of MS Dhoni keeps growing with every match. We have seen the brilliant movie, Dhoni’s untold story, on screen and almost lived the dream with him by cheering him on from the stands. However, there is more to the man than coveted trophies, crazy adjectives, and immense fan-following.

A lot has been said and written about Caption Dhoni’s calmness on the field. That level of composure can come handy in every walk of life. Be it an office setting or learning lessons for life academically, to always remain composed has its set of advantages.

And the amazing news that’s trending all over the IPL history and a boon for Chennai Super King fans is that MS Dhoni on Tuesday became the first player in the history of the Indian Premier League to reach the final of the T20 tournament for a record eighth time.

Dhoni moved a step closer to lifting the trophy for the third time after Chennai Super Kings beat Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Qualifier 1 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Chennai Super Kings, who were back at the tournament after a two-year ban, made it to the final for the 7th time.

MS Dhoni is indeed a great inspiration for all of us who have considered pursuing work we feel passionately about. His illustrious career proves that when you #LoveWhatYouDo, you’ll bring out the best in you. But to become a world champion as well a successful person, what takes more than passion is a versatile plan.

Dhoni has been a leader par excellence for years and must get credit for leading his team from the front this IPL season as well as he has developed a reputation for being one of the magnificent leaders that the game of cricket has ever witnessed. Dhoni holds several records including most wins by an Indian captain in Tests and One Day Internationals, and most back-to-back wins by an Indian captain in One Day Internationals. After his retirement from test cricket in 2014, he still exerts great influence over Indian and international cricket.

So, if we all want to be consistently successful in life and our each and every phase of life, whether Lifestyle, Business or the most important seed that we sow from the start of life is that of Quality Education. If we acquire a brilliant quality education, it is like a cash that can be borrowed but can’t be robbed. Just follow Captain Cool’s similar strategy and tactics on how life can be made more, Productive, Fundamental, Successful, Moral, and obviously Ideal.

This verily is a very important, influential and a superb example for small kids, youngsters and many more on how to learn and pick the right way or formula in order to shape up life academically.

We know to be successful; one needs to be an element of having only:

One set destination,

Proper Discipline,

Firm Determination,

Right Direction,

A well qualitative mentor/guide

and having a space of being Transformed,

and without any second thought the blend of all these will ultimately put you towards obtaining right education will automatically be productive to deliver correct principles and to lead a virtuous life.

And to everyone’s benefit who are in a hunt of this type of quality education more much time, just relax. As with incredible ideas, phenomenal skills and easy approach for everyone, ‘Quality Learning System’, is now in this education sector to answer all your academic problems, standardize your education and bring about a new era of learning in this competitive world.

As education is the basic requirement for every nation; no nation can survive without it. Thus, education is the most powerful tool to bring about any desired change in our lives.



We, at QLS are completely focused on providing such flawless education to our society and with practical knowledge.

Initially, we are into NTSE exams and IMO/ISO Olympiads that are evenly held every year. The purpose of these exams is to provide scholarships to pupils’ up to international level. As, these exams offer a handsome value of scholarship to students, it indeed make this exam a very prestigious one.

What the job of QLS is totally modern, creative and flourishing to foster students that will foster our society and directly the equation will go to prosper our nation.

We conduct PAT (Potential Analysis Test) in three different segments to evaluate, assess and test his potential of appearing in the exam. By this even way, pupils can analyse their capability on how much their present studying is staged on.

With QLS modern techniques, easy learning facility, and knowledge based system, it’s a surety that students will thrive in their respective exams. The teachers are also duly taught of the prescribed syllabus before the session and their skills are sharpened.

The confidence level of students is boosted to a very extreme level that aids them in their respective school exams also as the lessons are all classrooms based. Education and its importance education plays a pivotal role in the life of every individual. QLS vision has always been a building-block of one’s personality and education is not about scoring well in exams. It’s all about learning new things and increasing our knowledge.

As Dhoni won fame and money at an early stage in his career but he was, and still is, humble and modest. He also maintained a steady path and was not rude, flash or overbearing. So, as managers who gain success too early on often lose their balance and cannot maintain the poise required for longevity.

Talking about students who worry a lot. Worrying is unnecessary and a fruitless activity. Doing your studies to your capabilities and not worrying about the result, frees you from the shackles of anxiety. Life often puts people in situations in which they have to play a particular role. Not think of the future but do justice to the present and play the role with conviction and towards perfection.

The methodology to be used in teaching Indian kids should be innovative. The biggest challenge which the teacher faces is to capture the attention of kids in the class. The main motive of the education system today is to leave a long-lasting impact of the lesson on the minds of the kids. They should be able to recollect what is taught in the class after they go home.

Every child is different and adheres to a different teaching technique. Once you teach them with their preferred learning style, they will never fail to surprise you. Some of the innovative methods used by QLS to teach students and make the classes more interesting are: – clearing basics of syllabus, important questions of previous years, focus on all every topic a many more.

Self belief comes when we witness positive results in what we do. Results don’t come just with experience. They come when you do things differently. They come when you keep a flexible mind and adapt to dynamic situations.

Through disciplined work, you will witness gradual self improvement. Over time, the improvement becomes massive! You become happier. Colleagues, family, friends and others rely on you. They trust your decisions, which often end up being right. Then, regardless of your field, people will considerably treat you as a counselor a mentor.

All businesses tend to suffer some degree of failure at one point or another, but it requires strength and character to stand up and be counted from that position. It’s one of the most important aspects of leadership.

So, by calmness that originates from the fact on responding to situations positively and doesn’t react as Dhoni too adopts the method. A reaction is instant, a response is calculated. Keeping calm in trying circumstances helps in thinking and responding rather than reacting to it mindlessly.

So put on your thinking hat with QLS Academy, analyze yourself and the world. The growth and development of any country depend on the quality of education its citizens receive from their childhood. Every student is special in his/her own way. We must identify their potential and guide them in the right direction. After all, today’s generation will be the future of tomorrow.

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Rejoice for NTSE aspirants! Here’s the right and ideal preparation guide to crack this exam!

Well, in this globalized world being glared as gentlemen, of high ethic and a moral for others is indeed an impulse for everyone, that’s sparks in a certain corner of our heart. But, in order to be deemed such, we all know we need to acquire certain principles and a lifestyle that in straight guide us to the path of virtue. And for that being Educated is a MUST in all aspects.

Everyone knows, education is simply imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at schools or similar institutions. (more…)

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online teaching pic

Online Teaching Method : A Boon Or A Curse

Online Teaching Method : A Boon Or A Curse

Teaching, as we all know is a never-ending process, since ages people have been taking traditional lessons from the gurus and saints, people would go to gurukuls and take formal education just like the schools & colleges. But nowadays, with the evolution of the human race, the education system has also been transformed.

Even after going through schools, students could not get the quality education they want, so, they start exploring the coaching classes for the subjects that they are weak in, but the situation remains the same. The pupils do not get the proper attention that they are seeking because the strength of the coaching that they are attending is nearly the same as that of the school class.  

online teaching method

Eventually, they switch themselves to online teaching sessions which prove to be a boon for them as they are finally able to get all the solutions under one roof. The online teaching support surpasses all the obstacles and the hindrances that students were facing while going through the old custom teaching systems like lack of personal attention, availability of the teacher all time, flexible study time and so on.

Communication in case of online learning & teaching becomes quite easy and feasible, especially for the students who hesitate to ask their doubts in front of the whole class. For such shy students, online learning method is a blessing in disguise, parents across the globe are concerned about their child’s overall academic development and “online learning sessions” is the answer to all their worries.

One of the best traits of the online teaching method is “distance learning” as it enables a student to learn and acquire knowledge from the remote areas as well like the rural areas of the nation where proper and formal education is still a dream. The online teaching method is a great medium to increase the literacy rate of a country, interestingly, as a by-product the society gets some of the finest talented students which were lost somewhere until now due to the lack of accessibility.

Hence, if observed keenly we will figure out that online teaching method is a boon in every sense, every students’ academic needs can easily be catered & fulfilled through the respective online learning systems. Parents who are looking for such a tool that allows their kids to study at their own pace, then online teaching method will definitely act as a productive and unique way of learning.

If you are looking for an online teaching service, then qlsacademy is a perfect choice.

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Mother As A Teacher

“ If Mother Is Your Teacher, Learning & Caring Go Hand In Hand ”

Motherhood is considered to be one of the finest phenomenon on the planet. It is the mother who is our first teacher as the learning starts in her womb, we draw the genes and habits from her. Whatever activities have been done by her has a direct impact on the unborn baby. So, technically, before even coming into the world, the person who acts as a teacher and mentor is the mother.

The mother shapes the personality of a child just like a teacher. Home is your first school where mother inculcates all the moral and ethical values in you. She teaches you how to walk, how to get acquainted with alphabets and words and pronounce them properly, she makes you learn about the “real world entities” way before you join a school or a tuition.

mother son learning

In the process of you transforming from a toddler to an adult, the mother has a significant role to play. The role of the mother is not only limited to your education but also to act as a firm foundation for you, whenever you fail at something, she makes sure that you bounce back much stronger. Since your birth, you have been provided a protective and authoritative environment where you are taught to comply by the instructions given by the elders, as a result of which you grow up as a disciplined and a well-mannered individual.

As a teacher she is continuously analyzing your academic performance because she wants her child to be perfect and doesn’t want him or her to fall into any of the outside world trap, that’s why she trains and warns you every now and then. Persistence is the key that you will find a common phenomenon in every mother, you will never observe “a mother as a teacher” to be lenient, she would carry out all the social and educational activities very meticulously and sternly.

You will come across many teachers throughout your student life, but your mother will always be there for you and her knowledge will enlighten you to different walks of life. There will be ample qualities that you will imbibe from her which our formal education system will fail to deliver you, like, courage, honesty, strong willpower, loyalty, integrity and several such traits.

Her words of wisdom will continue to inspire you and propel in your life, as the time will roll, you will realise that the strictness that she poured on you have helped you to steer in the right direction.


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Last minutes tip to face IIT JEE

Last minute tips to face IIT-JEE

As every student aspires to take the flight of his life to one of the best and prestigious positions in the world. So, what majorly mandates to enact is the student’s right pick of stream towards their dream. And in this competitive world, much keenness and choice goes for the India’s top engineering entrance examination: IIT-JEE.

These entrance tests are unique in their own spirit and need extraordinary practice with utmost dedication to crack on the go. Not only is knowledge important, a capacity to stay cool under a constraint time is also required. Indeed, nothing can replace Intelligence, but applying the basic common sense plays an equally important role.
In the following post, we will discuss the major factors, their roles and how to successfully crack this demanding Entrance Examination.



  1. We all have our own strong/weak areas and we try to solve paper accordingly. If possible, follow the points to exploit your potential to the fullest.
  2. Always scan the test paper first in about 2 minutes and then only start solving.
  3. Apply the S-S-S-S-approach- that means Scan- Search-Select-Solve.
  4. Always attempt the easiest questions at the beginning.
  5. Neglect the elements of appearing surprise/tough questions at the beginning and always look for questions, which are the easiest.
  6. Do not get stuck on a tough puzzle or reasoning type question.
  7. Solve as many questions as you can from the options.
  8. Use the eliminating technique by executing intelligent guess.
  9. Be very fast at mental calculations.
  10. Try to do less rough work as the space given in the examination is very limited.
  11. Remember, all these exams demand, on your part to strike a very mature balance between speed and accuracy. If you try to go exceptionally fast, you will commit not only mistakes but blunders. If you are too cautious about your accuracy, you may just fail to reach the desired cutoff.
  12. Finally, the often repeated advice-read the directions VERY carefully. Otherwise, be ready to lose lot of marks.
  13. Memory plays the most important role in any Mathematics based test. Make sure you revise the theory and standard results at least 5 times before the test.
  14. Always try to solve the paper in at least 3 rounds. The first round can be of about 15 to 20 minutes. Where you will try to solve as many easy questions as possible. You must aim at least 30 and even up to 40 to 45 questions to be solved in the first 15 to 20 min. This can be done only when you have an extraordinary memory and you solve these questions as standard results (not by calculations etc.)


Important Tips- IIT JEE


In order to make the most of the available time and avoid any type of confusion in the understanding of questions or problems, it is essential to carefully read the directions, given in the beginning of the questions or problems. Even examiners have reported that most of the mistakes committed by the examinees in solving the paper are because of their inadequate comprehension or inability of proper reading of the directions. Many precious marks can thus be added to your score if you read the directions carefully before you start answering the questions.


Since the time at your disposal is limited you have to proceed to mark the answers as quickly as possible.  But rapidity is not to be aimed at the cost of accuracy.  Vague understanding of a question is certain to put a big loss to your score. Thus, it is always advisable to combine quickness with accuracy in order to be certain about the correctness of your answer.


When you face a difficult question, wisely concentrate on it in order to find out the answer.  But if the right answer does not come forth do not waste time to over it.  Skip it and solve other questions and save time. Since all the questions carry equal marks, getting bogged down for a long time over the solution of a difficult question will certainly affect your score adversely within the limited time prescribed. Learn how to manage time at these GED courses.


When you have gone over the entire paper and marked your answers, which you thought to be correct and still have some time left at your disposal, you may go back to the difficult questions you skipped over in the first attempt.  Since hurry and worry about solving questions being over, your mind will now work with double efficiency and chances are that the questions, which appeared to be difficult in the first attempt, may lend themselves to easy solution.


Nothing is more precious while facing a difficult situation or an ordeal of examination with a cheerful mood, confidence in yourself and faith in God that will help you greatly to win the battle. With such an attitude you will enable your mind to work with double its efficiency. If you face a number of difficult questions, you need not be despondent, for no one can score 100%. It is competitive examination and your merit is in relative terms not on the basis of absolute score.


Since major part of your paper is of objective nature, every possible care should be taken to mark your answer in the appropriate places. Marking in two places or in incorrect places in your answer sheet for one question will not bring you any credit. It is seen that more often than not most candidates lose markd because of faulty marking in the answer sheet. If for some wrong reason marking has been done, it is better to erase them out before you submit your answer book to the invigilator.  Also, take care to mark the answer in the answer sheet in the manner asked for.  Some times you may be asked to blacken the space provided for the answer with a lead pencil, sometimes you may be asked simply to encircle or tick mark the space provided.  It is here that the careful reading of the direction’s comes in.


In the case of questions where you are doubtful of the answer, you might be able to hit at the correct answer by a process of selection, rejection or elimination. Mentally reject the answers that are clearly wrong. There might be some plausible answers. Your previous study might come in to help you, to eliminate the incorrect from the plausible answers. Then concentrate on the remaining suggested answers. The more you eliminate in this way, the better your chances of getting at the right answer.


  • Just for half-hour, close your eyes and think about every possible thing you’ve done since you started preparing for competitive exams. Try recollection all the problems you faced (or are facing) and all the successes (minor and major) you’ve had so far in the process.
  • Organize yourself. Once again sort out your study material and see the specific test areas you are good and week at.
  • If you have been honest with yourself, you’ll know how much time and effort you really need to put in vis-à-vis specific areas.
  • Prepare a written down Timetable. It should be detailed with daily targets and time slots.
  • Start analyzing and revising all the Tests you’ve taken so far. Think where you went wrong and why the topper actually topped.
  • Instead of getting jittery about your weak spots feel happy about your strong areas and pray to God that there is enough of it in the actual test.
  • If you have a good friend circle, share your anxieties with them and seek some solace in their company. It may temporarily help relieve the stress that’s build-up.
  • As we have been discussing in the classroom, you should try to memorize as many standard results as possible. This really helps you to solve a lot of questions consuming less time.
  • Always have in mind that you have to appear for more than one test of same competitive exams.
  • You might feel with a lot of frustration because of the fact that your effort does not translate into good score. Have patience! It always takes time.


  • Although more than 11 lakh students may appear in JEE main 2018, not more than 20% would have seriously prepared so the effective competition is just a fraction of the sea of humanity you may see at the test centers.
  • Don’t be psyched by the scores some toppers may be getting. It is a fact that there will be 10% exceptionally bright students.  They are not your competition.  Your actual competition is the above average serious students and honestly speaking, most of us fall in that category.
  • You have only the written test to crack and for most of you it may be just one test please always bear that in mind.
  • There is no reason for you to feel that you cannot make it to top-notch ENGG/MEDICAL College in India.
  • Please don’t carry any myths like “If I study 10 hrs per day, I will definitely get through the test” etc. There are many tangibles and intangibles that go into deciding your selections.


  • Equal command on all the test areas.
  • Attempting at least 85% questions.
  • Reducing your mistakes to a minimum.
  • Managing your time effectively.
  • Having a cool head with a top level approach and a sensible poise between speed and accuracy.
  • Having a killer’s instinct.
  • Very good grasp over fundamentals (MOST IMPORTANT).
  • Your memory.
  • Prepare with an attitude that there is going to be no second time. I have to crack in this time itself-One Hundred Percent.
  • Finally, trust your capabilities. Nobody knows you better than you do. So make sure that your “DESTINY IS A MATTER OF YOUR CHOICE.”

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QLS Academy

PAT — Potential Analysis Test (For Class 5 To 10 Standard)

PAT — Potential Analysis Test (For Class 5 To 10 Standard)

PAT is a test created for school students to help them improve their performance in the competitive exams the PAT test uses the question pattern similar to the national and international exams.

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PAT- Potential Analysis Test

At QLS we believe that preparation is the best way to ensure success. Hence we prepared three tests which any student can take free of cost before their actual exams this not only gives them the confidence for the test it also helps them to practice time management for the exams.

PAT mainly focuses on following exams

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national-level scholarship program as well as one of the most prestigious examinations in India at the Secondary school level to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent. Close to 20 thousand students appear in this scholarship exam every year, and 1000 scholarships are awarded, of which 750 are unreserved. It is held every year and aims at screening the most gifted students from the general lot — the students who have a special aptitude for Sciences, Mathematics, Social Sciences and, above all, questions based on analytical reasoning.

The International Science Olympiads are a group of worldwide annual competitions in various areas of science. Although the competitions are aimed for secondary school pupils, the standards of the exams are extremely high. In fact, in several countries, achieving a high ranking in any ISO guarantees access to a university of choice and a fellowship.

IMO : The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the World Championship Mathematics Competition for High School students and is held annually in a different country. The International Mathematical Olympiad is one of the most prestigious mathematical competitions in the world.

In January 2011, Google sponsored €1 million to the International Mathematical Olympiad organization. The participants are ranked based on their individual scores. Medals are awarded to the high ranking participants.

QLS Academy


The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) is an educational foundation and a non-profit organisation based in New Delhi, India which promotes science, mathematics, general knowledge, introductory computer education and English language skills among school children in India through various Olympiads.


In NSO and IMO the awarding system is as follows-

International rank 1- ₹50,000
International rank 2- ₹25,000
International rank 3- ₹10,000
State rank 1- ₹5,000
State rank 2- ₹2,500
State rank 3- ₹1,000

For NTSE : Central Government awards scholarships to the students who have cleared NTSE exam. A scholarship of RS 500 per year is awarded to the successful students.

Silent benefits

Build confidence

Exposure to competitive world

Preference in Study Abroad

Admission in Top Education Institutes

Competitive Edge When Applying for a Job

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