Be your own boss availing these big opportunities in Ed-Tech business

With the rise of advanced technology, the higher education ecosystem in our country has been changing rapidly. There has come a major boom of educational enterprises which are using technology as a predominant tool to augment the education services (technically called ‘Ed-Tech Business’). A new set of India has the largest network of schools in the world. With 1.3 million schools in the country (according to the present census), we have thrice the number of schools than China and 10 times more than the USA. This makes India one of the largest education markets in the world. However, with time, emphasis should be laid more on quality learning than quantity.

The growth and development in each of these trends would make the education sector head towards a brighter future. One of the megatrends which seem like a booming factor in this field is of collaboration and partnership between Ed-Tech firms and business minded people. If you need the best websites to learn about trades, you can check a review here!

As children grow by learning. It is believed that a child’s brain grows maximum in a lower age. Thus, the brain is far more impressionable in early life than in maturity. If children acquire full knowledge based on what they see around them, isn’t it important that we provide them with the resources necessary to achieve their full potential? We also see a sharp rise in the number of international schools and pre-schools, with high service standards and world-class curriculums. Similarly, we see a rise in companies creating high-quality educational content to serve the needs and requirements of these institutions. We need to address this gap in the market by creating great quality, appropriate, country-specific content and product to aid their teaching requirements.

Ed-Tech business

So, here is the best and superb opportunity of self-employment for everyone, be it, youngsters, adults, housewives, old age people or any other to establish your own business. Your dream of becoming an entrepreneur is just a click ahead. The time has finally arrived for which you had always waited and kept the spark of your heart unmet, to lead a successful firm.

And when we are talking about education sector, the most successful, fair and developing one, why to let go the brilliant National opportunity of self-employment and owning a personal Ed-Tech Centre (QLS Cluster Centre). So, start imparting high quality and standardized education to students with QLS methodology and live life king size.

‘Various studies and verified reports have witnessed that the education sector has come out as investors’ favourite areas’.

Just invest a meagre amount, lesser than any other business outcome and instantly start taking home guaranteed huge profits. As we know education is very much necessary in today’s world for a having a comforting and successful future, and it is a profession that never gives you any chance of loss. Happily, throughout your life feel extremely proud and satisfied in sharing your hands for the moulding, reforming and transforming the lives of our future leaders, the society and directly the Nation.

Ed-Tech business

With such an aim and vision, “Quality Learning System”, an immensely determined, dedicated and mastered academy in the sphere of education has been instigated under the aegis of its Founder Director, Mr Virendra Kumar Pathak. The academy opens huge gates for all to be well-defined businessmen. This has been initiated by the director itself as having a profound and committed experience of more than two decades in the same education sector. He thus came up with his flawless dream to improve the present education process after passing through various phases of life. His aim is to cater serious education to students’ who are the future of the nation. The present motto of QLS is ‘Driving Education to Perfection’.

QLS is an independent firm, completely adhered to upgrade the education system in the form of practical knowledge with the best process, elevating the standard of learning. QLS supports innovative teaching and learning practices in pan India, and are well-known for their pioneering open education initiatives. The goal is to inculcate in students a love for learning and a desire to excel at every level. QLS steadfast goal is to make quality education affordable, accessible and interesting in India’s each and every district. The entire system has been integrated with a core mechanism that is operational only through online mode.

The system also serves in overall brain development of a child, develop skills and acquire worldly knowledge too. This also results more in adaptability and learning rather than just textbook knowledge.

The best thing about QLS education system is that it prepares the foundation of a child’s education very neatly by giving equal importance to the basics of all subjects in the early stages of teaching. As, education is an asset-light industry so a little bit of investment will go a long way, while the return on investment will be far greater than other technology initiatives.

Ed-Tech business

QLS academy is the best place that investors have been waiting for so long. Referring to the popular saying that we had mentioned earlier, QLS academy empowers everyone (working housewife, youngsters, mature people, etc) who desires to set-up their own business, be self-employed and establish a unique brand identity of their own.

Moreover, parents are even willingly investing in the education of their children to enjoy the profit in later life luxuriously. If this is to be put simply, it means that people have realised that ‘Education is the best investment.’

As higher education continues to evolve in the digital age, new avenues for online courses are being pioneered. This has created a fertile ground for investors and startups to champion new ideas for the future of learning. The growth of the E-Learning market in India is positively predicted to deliver a boom in the market, which reveals its great revenue opportunities.

This QLS digital business is strictly designed to improve the in-class experience, learners’ performance and help teachers track their progress through instant checks and sharing the results with parents. Increased student engagement is achieved by this methodology, which therefore has attracted numerous investors to double, triple and multiply countless times their money.

Ed-Tech business

In short, this open business platform brought up by QLS is drastically changing the landscape of education. It changes the way we teach, learn and evaluate progress. While there are many great EdTech products on the market, there are still problems that haven’t been addressed. The importance of knowledge and learning has been recognized since the beginning of time and thorough work is being done by QLS to impart and instil standard education.

Might we add, the world can very well witness a new and live breed of educators who are entrepreneurs in their own, right? We may as well call them ‘Edupreneurs’. We also envision a new dawn being heralded by this innovative education technology solution, which holds huge and true potential to spread education. Quality education will no longer be restricted to the confines of just a few institutions or organizations. Everyone will have access to quality education, irrespective of where they are present. Online academies will make this vision a reality and yes with QLS you will.

Finally, the education system in India has seen many ups and downs, but at the same time, it has produced some brilliant gems, which are raising the flags of India across the globe.

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Right Career Counselling: Which stream to choose after 10th Standard?

Standard 10th is the very important stage in the blooming life of an Indian student. It is at this point that a student has to decide where to take his/her future. This is a common question that pops up in numerous students‘ minds- ‘which stream to opt after 10th?’. Discussing about streams after 10th, there comes three main choices- Mathematics, Science and Commerce. It is quite natural for students to get confused at this juncture. So, this article will guide you and help you select the right stream. Here, we’ve mentioned some useful tips and suggestions, using which, you will be able to find the stream that suits you the best!

Normally, students are unaware of the fact that 10th is the initial and crucial stage of building a career. They take the decision with puzzled and doubtful mind and end up selecting a wrong stream thereby opening the door to worst consequences in the long-term career prospects. It has been mostly noticed that student start hating their subject after some time, quit their subject midway or start feeling frustrated about the wrong move or decision they took.

The decision they once took out of peer pressure, parental pressure or due to lack of knowledge, now becomes the burden of their life. Hence, it is very important for any student to choose the stream carefully for better career prospects in the future.

“Interest, skill & aptitude combination help to make a successful career”.

After you complete your 10th standard, you move to the senior level education. Senior level education’s stream will be monogamous for 2 years (11th and 12th standard), so the stream which you choose after 10th is what you will carry your whole career with. To be confident enough to choose your best stream, you must have a basic understanding and detailed analysis of strength-weakness of all the available streams should be done.

Best Stream after 10th

Career in Mathematics Stream

‘Pure Mathematics, Is, In its way, the poetry of logical ideas’. – Albert Einstein

Mathematics has always been one of the popular subjects among students fraternity. A strong perception of mathematics is necessary if you want to pursue your career for higher studies in the field of engineering, information technology, computer science and social science.

After completing graduation/post-graduation in mathematics, there is a wide array of career prospects in the mathematics field. There is a demand and wide scope of mathematics students in other fields such as statistics, physical science, insurance, economics, astronomy, banking, accountancy, teaching and research fields. All the highest paying jobs are directly or indirectly related to mathematics. Mathematics jobs are available in both government as well as private organisations.

Career in Science Stream

Science stream is always considered the more superior stream than others. This is a universal perspective among the society, teachers and well-educated laurels. They back this fact because it has provided better career opportunities and a wide range of options to choose after the senior level education.

If the student has already decided to build his/her career in engineering, then there are various other favourable career options such as medicine and agriculture.

There are many other interesting fields which aren’t common like the ones listed above, but are still considered ideal options, such as aeronautical, industrial design, fashion technology, packaging, nursing, computer, hotel management, physiotherapy or tourism management rather than the conventional degree level courses.


Biology stream is chosen by the student only if he/she wants to make a career in MBBS (Medicine and Surgery), Dental Science, Biotechnology, BDS, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Veterinary doctor, Ayurveda Medicine, Zoology, Genetics, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Homeopathic Medicine or Environmental engineering.

So, if you want your career developed in these respective fields than you can, without any doubt, choose Biology stream after 10th STD.

Career in Commerce Stream

Commerce stream is also one of the most popular choices among the students. The career prospects in jobs like CA and CS have added to its popularity.

Let’s look at what commerce stream offers you, what are its career possibilities and why to choose it after 10th?

A student who opts commerce after his class 10th can explore many business-oriented careers such as Investment Banking, Cost Accounting, Company Secretary, Business Management, Chartered Accountancy and Management Accounting.

Furthermore, in choosing your best career field a detailed discussion with your seniors/teachers/career counsellor is essential. To rescue students from taking wrong decisions, guidance from experts and experienced people always matters. As on many occasions, students ignore their passion and follow the parent’s decision. So, a healthy discussion with parents and conveying about own real happiness should not be missed out during this phase.

And in such a student’s life developing manner, ‘Quality Learning System’, a very passionate, dedicated and advanced education academy, has always been into limelight to provide best of learning, knowledge and skills to all student’s. Along with serving quality education, QLS also focuses on right career guidance throughout the term student is under its direction. There are very less such education firm in order to mold student’s career and QLS is on top among them.

Also, in this context, positive parenting like giving valuable advice and support help children to grow in an area of his interest and abilities. Therefore, parents do have a crucial role in forming a student’s career and they should help in the exploration of the right career option for their children.

Attending career guidance, seminars, educational fairs would also be a good idea to explore career choices and to help a student plan his/her next step.

This is the final stage of choosing a stream. Choosing the right stream makes a significant improvement in one’s career path hence get inputs from people and various sources but take your own decision. There is no good and bad stream and a lot of opportunities are there in every field. One just needs to put all his/her efforts to make a successful career. Choose wisely and all the best.

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Good News! Get here various effective ideas to make learning easy and interesting!

Education is indeed a very essential weapon and a shield itself in everyone’s life. It totally transforms a person into the most acceptable and ideal personality ever.

We are born totally illiterate; and our mother comes as the very first teacher and counsellor in our life. She teaches us the right way of living with honest principles, excellent values and perfect morals. From that time onwards, we get boarded on the path towards Learning!

But happily today’s education system is transforming from the old traditional ways to new ways; a better and advanced education system that you would have already heard of e-learning, online classes or digital learning. Basically, all these terms are the same and refer to the new way of education and learning where hard work had been replaced with smart work.

The biggest challenge any teacher faces is capturing the students’ attention, and putting across ideas in such a way that it stays with them long after they have left the classroom. For this to happen, classroom experience should be redefined and innovative ideas that make teaching methods more effective should be implemented.

The best lessons, books, materials and teachers in the world won’t get students excited about learning and willing to work hard if they’re not guided properly from the base.

Hence, digital learning technology enables students to grasp concepts more quickly and fully, to connect theory and application more adeptly, and to engage in learning more readily, while also improving instructional techniques, leveraging instructor time, and facilitating the widespread sharing of knowledge. Digital technology will enable this in new and better ways and create possibilities beyond the limits of our current imagination.

Even the most well-intentioned and educated teachers sometimes lack the skills to keep kids on track, so whether you’re a new teacher or an experienced one, try using these methods to improve learning ability in your students and to encourage them to live up to their true potential.

And with sincere purpose and goal, Quality Learning System, a very advanced, passionate and skilled academy has been instigated to enhance students learning, make knowledge a key and bring excellence in education.

QLS deeply focuses and finds every chapter of a subject as important. The methodology of imparting education is so versatile and dedicated that until a particular topic has been properly taught to the students, the system never goes further. For this, QLS has come up with diverse ways to make students learn and enhance their knowledge, and not by the means of rigorously memorizing the topic. Students will be taught with every minute detail with frequent tests, to evaluate the ongoing learning progress.

Entire QLS online learning system has been integrated with core mechanism that is operational only through online mode. It’s a thorough aim to teach students with the world’s best, innovative and exclusive technology process that will surely help in enhancing their skills and improve knowledge for a better learning. Besides education, the academy is more into building the best career by guiding students to make the right educational choices as per their potential. So, that they achieve great heights with huge success in their career along with flying colors.

So, link your lessons to real-world learning. Infusing real-world experiences into your instructions will make teaching moments fresh and enrich classroom learning. Relating and demonstrating through this online medium, will make the subject easy to understand and easy to learn. It will spark pupils’ interest and get them excited and involved.

So, a big thanks to the immense growth in the information technology industry.

Today most of the students are using Android tablets or smartphones to fulfil their needs which once used to get fulfilled by a desktop computer, making it easier to them access all those things they used to access through a computer, that too on the go.

Reasons for Fame of Online Learning

Cheaper: If you take e-learning program in a group, it can save you a lot of money and in this time of low economy, it is a great factor drawing more and more people towards e-learning program.

Flexibility: E-learning is totally elastic with timings and all, you can study anytime anywhere, by only having an internet connection.

Range of curriculum: E-learning is going to surprise you enormously with its impact and execution on a wide range of all education courses and major competitive exams.

A classroom environment that is attractive, brightly set and engaging will help stimulate a student’s mind and further help think and learn better. Children, especially young ones cannot be expected to sit all day and learn. Such a creative and encouraging environment will help them explore and encourage learning the subject well. An environment that positively impacts the children is beneficial for the teacher as well. QLS firmly believes that the learning environment has a prime role in the learning and development of a child.

So, if these measures by QLS are taken in consideration, definitely together with the aid of technology, we will improve the quality of teaching and learning, and these innovative ideas are sure to make teaching methods more effective.

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Is your child’s consistent low performance in studies troubling you? Don’t worry and get the best solutions over here!

“Education is indeed extremely important for all”.

No one can ever deny the authenticity of this statement. Although there is a massive rise in education sector in the recent time, but quality education in various regions is very limited.

Every year with an impressive pace, new schools and colleges are being opened in almost all cities in India, but the quality education is still a long awaited dream for millions of Indian students.

As per the current operational education system trend, students are losing their interest in studies. This old process of teaching is now out of order which certainly needs to be revamped. In schools and colleges, most of the attention is rendered to theory and books, where practical knowledge remains completely ignored. When these students pass the exam, they forget all the things they have studied due of lack of practical experience & knowledge. (more…)

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QLS Academy Pvt Ltd

QLS Academy: An ideal, honest and focussed teaching system

Education is not merely the development of mind. It focuses at training and developing various skills of life that incorporates biological, psychological, spiritual and social development. Thus, the imparted education should be perfect and obviously with utmost quality that leaves an influence for ever.

Identically, carrying a sturdy and sheer optimism, “Quality Learning System”, an immensely determined, dedicated and mastered academy in the sphere of education has been instigated under the aegis of its Founder Director, Mr. Virendra Kumar Pathak. Having a profound and committed experience of more than two decades in the same education sector, he came up with his impeccable dream to revamp the present education process after passing through various phases of life. His aim is to render serious education mechanism to students who are the future of the nation. The present motto of QLS is ‘Driving Education to Perfection’. Perfection is the key-word triggering excellence in learning and directly leading to mighty success of QLS. (more…)

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School Bags Bigger than Bodies: Apply these comforting tips to make them much lighter

No more burden of heavy school bags with an era of modern online teaching system

To begin with something new is always exciting and amazing. So, do you also feel the same spark about the beginning of a new academic year? Sure, you would be having great expectations and so many new chances. Then, just grab all of them with much energy, enjoy them and be productive.

With the summer break drawing closer to an end, and all the vacation-party mood too is about to get folded back and kept for the next approaching vacation, chances are it may have been a long time since you have picked up a textbook or printed off an assignment. Whether you are heading to join a new school or returning back to your current school, it can take some time to get adapted into the swing of things. If you are worried that you will struggle to get back into your studies and the school environment, Hey do not worry! Keep reading as we’ve come with a variety of exclusive ideas to guide all students on joining the new session.

And the Big Question! Majority of the students, parents and experts express their deep concern over the carrying of heavy school bags. In our below guidelines along with the school joining tips, we’ll discuss this completely and put up favourable tips in order to avoid this concern.   

Following are the tips described below:- 

1). Create a layout of your plans and goals

Set both short-term and long-term goals. With these little steps, you can do a better job obtaining good results. Planning is a useful thing, though it’s often underestimated. And ignoring the planning stage is a fundamental mistake. You can check how your productivity and achievements are depending on your planning.

2). Be a perfect follower of time-management

Being organized is a good quality for a person who studies. If delaying things has always been your problem, this fresh academic year is a perfect time to get rid of this annoying habit. Manage your time accordingly among the subjects in whom you are strong and weak. Give maximum time to the subjects that need more attention and accordingly set a time frame for the remaining subjects in which you are capable of doing good.

3). Ask your educators and classmates for help

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you need help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for assistance regarding the doubts or issues you don’t understand. In schools, universities or colleges, all the students chase the same goal– to learn well. Besides, help from meritorious students can be good for those who need help and those who offer it. Same with teachers, as they always encourage students to ask questions related to study materials.

4). Make good new friends

As the old saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed! So, always try to expand your friend circle. Making friends with an ideal, honest and well behaved person is always like having sweets in both hands. You can study well and enjoy your free time with them equally. Moreover, such friendships can even last for a lifetime. So, don’t miss your opportunity of making your life a most pleasant one. As, it’s only a true friend who is considered the closest and best supporter after a family.

5). Develop your own anti-stress strategies

Managing stress and bringing your life into balance is a good skill to gain. Everyone are trying to cope with stress differently. Different people do different activities as in play sports, take a sufficient night’s sleep, get together with friends after class, or prefer watching their favorite TV show. The most important thing is to get rid of stress, or else it can grow into anxiety, depression and other terrible things. And, of course, how can people study in a productive way if their minds are wasted else where?

6). Always be sincere with what you do

Whether it is studies, household activities, play time, a visit, or an healthy communication with someone, thoroughly inculcate this fact in your life to consistently be honest and sincere in whatsoever activity you are undertaking. This is the only true principle of life that will lead you towards your dream on the most acceptable and generous path. Moreover, you will be immensely satisfied from both, inner and outer state of yourself when start walking on this ethical lane.

And now the most important concern of the huge burden of school bags that’s put on the delicate shoulders of small students.

Kids are almost left with no options than to carry heavy school bags to school these days for a number of reasons. It has been closely observed by pediatricians that such a weight directly leads to a rise of major health issues in growing children. It is not any more uncommon to find students especially in middle schools (6th-10th standard) carrying huge bags on their backs regularly with their shoulders drawn down with the weight.

It is not surprising then that children complain of various pains and sprains as they are not having strength to lug such a massive heap of books. These overloaded school bags, which can weigh up to a quarter of a child’s weight, are leaving youngsters at a high risk of poor posture. Hence, this has become a major concern for all parents.

An important study shows that a child should not carry a bag that weighs more than 10 per cent of their bodyweight, so that means a child weighing 25 kilograms could develop back problems if their bag weighs more than 2.5 kilograms.

The Harmful Effect

If a student has a heavy bag, their entire body is pulled backwards. To compensate for this, the child rounds their back forwards to lean ahead to balance the weight. This causes neck, back, spine, shoulder and joint pain with their head also straining forward. All of this is made worse if a child has to climb stairs in school. This makes it harder for muscles and ligaments to hold the body up. Shoulders are also not something meant to hang things from. A heavy load places too much stress on them. The knees are affected as a child walks differently with a heavy bag on their back.

Thus, parents argue that extra books should be kept on campus. Another option is to let the child keep them at home if they are not needed in school. The homework can be given in single sheets for small kids and online submission should be there for senior students. We want a healthy and happy future for our country.

Other culprits? Fancy bags, carrying all-subject books!

It’s not the weight of books alone, but that of fancy bags too. Bags with attached trolleys add unwanted weight to the back, leading to perennial backaches and soreness. Some students carry heavy encyclopedias and other such books to school without their parents’ consent, the intention may be just to show them to their classmates, but this only adds to their adversity. Once children start suffering from back problems, they may continue to face them throughout life.

School Lockers

Another measure suggested by a certain state government is to introduce lockers to schools so that students don’t need to carry all their study material, equipment, and stationery every day. Where students should keep their books and other stuffs in school premises itself rather than carrying back to home.

Another option could be the implementation of only four different periods rather than of eight periods of individual subjects daily. This measure will ultimately increase the time duration of lecture and easily decrease the load of books that students carry daily. Schools should conduct classes with three different subjects only on a daily note. Likewise, on alternate days same subjects classes should be held. For example, on Monday-Wednesday-Friday: Take Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics classes and on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday: Take Biology, Geography and History classes. The remaining subjects can be then easily adjusted as per the requirement. This process will definitely help in enhancing the learning power of student along with the direct reduction of weight put by excess books. Also, the government can adopt the method of dividing a book into portions such as from chapter 1-5: volume 1, chapter 5-10: volume 2 and the remaining chapters with volume 3.

We can also implement the best option technology has contributed in the form of tablets and start teaching on them. The entire syllabus can be easily loaded and installed on these particular tablets that would replace the present book system, acting as a perfect medium to learn anytime anywhere. Ultimately, carrying a tablet is obviously effortless and simple for a student in comparison to the weight that they lug on their shoulders daily.

Despite all the progress in technology and science, the modern system of education has yet not come out with any other option where a student does not have to carry such heavy bags. In this era of going cashless and paperless can there be an alternative for heavy school bags. The answer is yes.

‘Quality Learning System’, a very diversed, education based and honest academy has came up with an impressive process of educating students online. As, today every student is keen in technology and gadgets, so why not teach them with their own option of interest. QLS academy has introduced its study material completely prescribed by the NCERT to make learning easy  and has initiated its assistance in education to better the life of students.

Each and every chapter is segmented into three parts. Each part has also been further divided into similar portions to make learning very easy. As illustrated, teaching is operated online, so a teacher starts teaching a respective topic by showing slides and videos through projectors. After the topic is completed, a small test is conducted in order to evaluate how much a student has grasped. Students will be provided with tabs, on which they’ll perform their tests. No topic and no slide can be skipped, if a faculty wishes too, everything has to be taught. The entire system is controlled and monitored by online mode and no authority is provided to the faculty except, to cater proper teaching to students. Students are taught by advanced tablets as per the objective to use technology.


By this process, everything is closely analyzed and judged such as the student’s learning power and the way of teaching by the faculty. The complete QLS system operates on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is invented on the best exclusive technology. As discussed, the burden of these school bags are terribly ruining the life of students, hence with this extremely brilliant, comforting and interesting methodology by QLS, the weight of textbooks is entirely terminated. Introduction of such virtual and innovative teaching process is now the best trend and route to make students learn and bring wisdom.

This system equals education for all level of students as in excellent, average and poor. The excellent student automatically will go beyond their excellence, the average student will definitely develop his level and try to become a topper and the poor grade students, we are confident and sure will start taking interest in studies and soon will be one of the merit holder. QLS only set aim is for students on how to improve their aptitude, skills and to make them enormously knowledgeable in their area of interest that would directly aid in the development of the nation.

Thus, bring the best and ideal change in the learning process of your child via QLS with the superb mechanism of teaching that has never thought by any education institute. We hope the concerned government, schools or other respective responsibles’ come forward with creative ways in order to tackle this great suffering of small students. Also, if any institution agrees with the positive suggestion brought up by QLS in respect to bring rest to the delicate shoulders of students, they can implement it and gift students relief from their excess physical as well as mental load. It’s feels extremely happy to inform that QLS academy always had worked to improve and bring positive transformation to the education sector.

Furthermore, a combination of approaches, ideas and suggestions, along with cooperation between parents and school, can go a long way in reducing the burden of one of the most serious health hazards of recent times.


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Most Unknown Secrets on Living Life the Successful Way!

How do you feel about your life up till now? Are you living every day in excitement? Do you love what you’re doing? Are you excited every single moment? Are you looking forward to what’s coming up next? Are you living your best life?

If your answer to any of the above is a no, maybe, or not sure, that means you are not living your life to the fullest. Which really shouldn’t be the case, because your life experience is yours to create? Why settle for anything less, than what you can actually get? You deserve nothing but the Best. (more…)

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CBSE Class 10th Result 2018 to be out Today: Know here everything, Where and How to Check

The CBSE class 10th result is to be declared today (May 29, 2018). The result that’s scheduled to be announced at 4 pm, will bring an end to the long wait of 16 lakh students who have been restless since after the declaration of class 12th result. It’s notably the first time that, board examinees are all excited for their results. For precautions, students should keep their admit card in hand to log in to the result portal. Students can check their result either online or offline, both options are available this year. Moreover, the result portals may slow down a bit immediately after its declaration. (more…)

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IIT-JEE Main results on the way! Check here everything about your Result & Exam

Everything about JEE starts getting cool and required when we are on the path. For students in the renowned hubs, IIT is like a dream and the preparation, a necessary ordeal to reach there. In this complete technically turned phase of life, we start worrying about the branches, ranks, cut-offs, preparation approach and what not. So, greatly you all students have come at the right place and clicked the correct link, which will honestly guide you for all your striking queries for JEE.

As, this Joint Entrance Examination Main 2018 was conducted on 8th April 2018 in offline mode and 16th April 2018 in online mode. This year around 12 Lakh students have appeared in JEE Main 2018 Online/Offline based examination conducted by CBSE Board. JEE Main is a National Level Examination conducted by the CBSE Board for those students who want to pursue Engineering in their career. Many top Institutions consider JEE Main score for allocation of the admission in their colleges. The JEE Main Results have been declared by CBSE for Paper 1, while for Paper 2 the results shall be declared on 31st of May. Out of 11 Lakh students who had given the examination, (more…)

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Find here the most exciting and productive way to utilize your summer vacations!

So, for all the fun-loving students the previous academic year has fallen, and it’s time to have a blast for a long two months period. Happily, summer vacations have already been kick started! It’s the most awaited time of the year where, all pupils just merely without any delay want to disappear in their best area of interest.

So, are you all too ready with your plans of enjoying your summer vacations or to utilize it wisely?

As your schools, during summers, are off for a longer time, it is only during this time of year that you can think about doing something interesting and valuable. (more…)

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